Livitinems are a special type of item which can be placed on top of pieces of equipment, changing the item's appearance. You need a specific Livitnem for each type of equipment (i.e. a Livitnem Hat will only fit onto a hat). Livitinems can level up and gain a new form with each level, the maximum level is 20.

They can also talk and react to things going on around you.


You can get the Alyverol items as a gift with your subscription, Livitinem items can be bought from The Great Emporium, or all of them can be bought from other players in game.


There are twelve different Livitinems in game:


Livitinems have a minimum feeding time of twelve hours. However, you don't actually need to feed them, as they will not die (though they can become hungry).

Each Livitnem eats its corresponding type of equipment. For example a Livitnem Cape will eat only capes. Livitinems gain half the XP of the equipment's level (so a level 100 item will give a Livitinem 50 XP).


Livitinems' main use is that they change the appearance of your equipment. Nearly useless (apart from humor) for things such as rings and amulets, they can mask the appearance of cloaks and hats which can either be handy for aesthetic reasons or to hide the build of a character (for PVP). They offer no other bonuses.


'Livitinem' (Liv-it-in-em) is an interlaced combination of 'Livin'+'Item'.